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We recommend you check the schedule for availability of the different cruises.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What ages are the boat cruises for?

We cater for all ages, children under 16 should be accompanied by adults.

How long do your cruises go for?

Public sunset and daytime nature cruises are minimum 90 minutes.  Private group tours are tailored to your requirements.

How do I make a booking?

To order online follow the below link,  select your chosen trip, select the number of people, select the day time from the drop down menu, select book now for credit card instructions. https://raglanboatcharters.rez...

Where should I park?

There is limited parking at the wharf,  allow time to park your car and walk from the rugby club or from town.  Tour buses can drop off and pick up at the wharf.

Where does the boat leave from?

Wahinemoe departs from the Raglan wharf 92 Wallis Street, Raglan 3225, New Zealand
The passenger ramp is on the south side (right hand) of the wharf building, next to the boat ramp.

What happens if the trip is cancelled due to water or weather conditions?

We generally only cancel if the wind is Strong, easterlies with and North easterlies with Beaufort 5-6, > 20 knots are our biggest discomfort,  westerlies of the same strength are acceptable.  We contact all passengers by telephone and email when we cancel,  we offer 100% money back guarantee.  It is highly important that you enter your correct telephone and email address in the booking as we will call to cancel or postpone!

Private Event FAQ's

What facilities are on board the boat?

  • Stereo and PA system throughout the boat.
  • HDTV for presentations, rolling movies or sports coverage
  • 2 spacious bathrooms, including 1 shower, wheel chair access
  • Licensed bar, wine, beer, sekt and alcopops
  • BBQ facilities
  • Heated indoor tabled seating for 30 persons
  • Outdoor seating 50 persons.  Certified 70 PAX and 5 Crew.
  • Blankets for cold days.  
  • Towels for Swimmers
  • Wheelchair boarding ramp
  • Hot tea and coffee
  • Lifejackets for adults and children, first aid, life saving rings, fire fighting equipment, 

How many people can the boat take?

Wahinemoe is certified by Maritime NZ to carry 70 passengers and 5 crew. 
For public sunset and nature cruises we limit the passengers to 50 as this is more comfortable for the outdoor seating.  We operate with 1 crew per 20 passengers,  meaning for 50 passengers we will have 3 crew and a skipper. 

Can we bring our own food/drink/organise our own catering?

For private charters we can discuss the option of own catering, we need to operate within the food regulations and that means we will have an extra crew to operate the BBQ for example.  The licensed bar does not allow BYO.  

On-Board the Wahinemoe

Is the boat wheelchair accessible?

Wahinemoe has a wheelchair ramp for boarding and disembarking.  The toilet on the rear deck is wheelchair accessible.  Inside seating area is wheelchair accessible.  Upstairs is not wheelchair accessible.

Are there toilet facilities on board?

A toilet on the aft deck also has a shower, hand basin and mirror, hand towels, soaps and moisturizer.
The indoor toilet has a hand basin and mirror soaps and moisturizer.

Does it get cold on the boat?

From November to March the weather is best. However if it is windy it can be cold outside and we have blankets available.  Indoors is sheltered and heated in winter and there is always hot water in the bathrooms.  We always have hot drinks, coffee or tea available

Will I get sea sick?

Nobody has even been seasick on Wahinemoe because she is a catamaran and very stable,  our top speed is only 8 knots (15kmh).  We stay within the Whaingaroa harbour where the waves don't get big 

Do you have Gluten Free options available?

If you contact us by email in advance we can arrange this for you.

What payment options are available on the boat?

You may pay electronically (eft-pos) with most debit and credit cards.  

Will we have to wear lifejackets?

Due to the size of Wahinemoe you do not need to wear any lifejacket or to remain seated.  We carry by law lifejackets for every passenger including children's sizes.

Is your bar licensed?

The "Raglan Bar" found onboard Wahinemoe is fully licensed by the Waikato District Council.

Can we bring our own food on board?

We don't allow people to bring their picnic onboard public cruises. Common sense applies for special dietary requirements and baby food requirements, please contact us if you require clarification.

Can we go swimming?

We do not allow swimming on the public sunset cruise as the sunsets to a schedule and we don't want to miss it.. 
On private charters we support swimming at an anchorage or a beach landing walk.  Swimming on public daytime nature cruise is possible but you need to request this at least 24 hours in advance.

"Note that if you want to swim we need to know in advance as we will tow our tender boat for safety of the swimmers."  

Towels are available for hire at 1$ each.

What are your booking terms and conditions?

You can view our booking terms and conditions here