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Raglan Blog


Discover Raglan Wharf

The Wharf History

Built in 1921, the wharf has seen continuous expansion over the years. The initial section of the wharf was a pioneering example of reinforced concrete construction in New Zealand. As you approach the wharf from Raglan's town area, you'll notice the iconic Golden Bay cement silos that were erected in 1967. These silos, now transformed into luxurious holiday apartments, stand as a prominent feature of the landscape.

In April 2010, several of the original wharf sheds were consumed by fire. By August 2012, a replacement structure had been erected, with businesses commencing operations in November of the same year. Today, the Raglan Wharf boasts a fresh pontoon and updated facilities, creating a contemporary and inviting environment for all visitors.

Things to do at the Wharf


Tony Sly Pottery

Tony Sly Pottery on Raglan Wharf has reopened its doors since December 2010. Following the unfortunate fire in April 2010 that consumed the pottery, Tony's kiln, equipment, molds, and stock, he exhibited resilience and relocated to a new studio within one end of the boat building shed on Raglan Wharf. The installation of a new kiln was completed in November 2010, allowing Tony to achieve his first firing in December. Visitors can now explore his unique rustic-style creations available at his retail outlet, which is open daily from 9 am to 5 pm. Tony specializes in crafting one-of-a-kind pieces in small batches, showcasing his artistic ingenuity.

Tony Sly Pottery, 90 Wallis Street, The Raglan Wharf 
Phone 07 825 0370

Soul Shoes

In 1973, a journey of craftsmanship and dedication began with Rob Galloway's very first pair of hand-stitched sheepskin boots. This marked the genesis of Soul Shoes, a brand that has since become synonymous with quality, uniqueness, and timeless artistry.

Their commitment to sustainability is reflected in every step, from offering 100% recycled conveyor belt soles to repurposing shoe boxes donated by the Raglan community. It's a testament to our promise of crafting products that endure both in style and environmental consciousness. And as you slip into a pair of Soul Shoes, know that it's not just footwear – it's a manifestation of years of dedication, tradition, and creativity.

Each piece is lovingly crafted by their experienced craftsmen, bearing the mark of Rob's legacy and our brand's unwavering pursuit of excellence.

Soul Shoes, 92 Wallis Street, The Raglan Wharf 
Phone 07 825 8765

The Wharf Gallery

In 2020, Sharon O'Brien launched The Wharf Gallery, driven by her deep-rooted passion for art. Armed with a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) degree specializing in Fine Art from Gloucester University, she further honed her skills with a Masters in Art from Bristol University.

Returning to Raglan, Sharon identified an unmet need for a premier contemporary art gallery within the Waikato community. The gallery's spotlight is on showcasing established New Zealand artists, boasting an impressive roster of renowned names. As a result, The Wharf Gallery has swiftly risen to prominence as a distinguished dealer gallery in the Waikato region, fulfilling a significant artistic void.

The Wharf Gallery, 4/92 Wallis Street, The Raglan Wharf
Phone 022 475 1141

The Wharf Gallery


Raglan Fish 

Shop located just by the water. Perfect for a lunch break or a sunset snack !

You can order burger, fish & chips, smoked fish and more ! 

92 Wallis Street, Raglan 3225

Phone : 07 825 7544

Raglan Wharf Kitchen

An adaptable destination in Raglan offering delightful waterfront vistas. Filled with natural light and spacious enough for private gatherings. Enjoy a serene bistro setting where fresh, seasonal dishes are served with a relaxed ambiance.

43 Rose Street, Raglan 3225

Phone 07 825 0010

Wharf Espresso

Start your walk around the Wharf with a fresh coffee !

Phone : 027 601 7080


Raglan Boat Charters

That's us ! 

Experience one of our spectacular Raglan Sunset Cruises for 90 minutes or come and have lunch on our Lunchtime Cruises ! We are operating all year round.

We also offer private cruises. Chose a unique venue for birthdays, family events, engagement parties, weddings or memorials.  A fun and relaxing venue for work dos, workshops, corporate or educational days out or even a product launch. Wahinemoe seats 30 inside and 40 outside and is stable in all weathers.  

  • To join a public cruise :

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Docked at Raglan Wharf, 92 Wallis St, Raglan 3225,  

Phone 07 825 6522

Raglan Fishing Charters

Raglan Fishing Charters goes beyond typical coastal fishing trips. Managed by Darron, a seasoned skipper with over 25 years of experience navigating the Raglan bar, the charter offers an extraordinary fishing adventure. Darron's profound love for fishing has evolved into a successful charter boat business, ensuring that your journey with Raglan Fishing Charters is far from ordinary. Get ready for an unparalleled experience that transcends the ordinary fishing trip – an experience of a lifetime awaits.

Book here

Raglan Wharf, Raglan, New Zealand

Phone (021) 201 9211


The Silos

Searching for a distinctive place to spend a night  ? Situated within the historic Golden Bay Silos on Raglan Wharf, these chic boutique apartments provide an ideal setting for a one-of-a-kind escape. Revel in breathtaking views of Raglan Harbour and its picturesque surroundings.

88 Wallis Street, Raglan 3225

Phone : 027 548 5062